Shutterstock Elements Video Packs
Here is a selection of work done for Shutterstock's Element Video Packs geared at VFX artists and Motion Designers. We went out and shot a bunch of practical elements with RED cameras (explosions, fire, smoke, water, dust, debris, etc). My job was first to clean up the assets and ready them for consumers and second to work on the trailers to market the individual packs. I did compositing, title designs, and some editing. 
Above is a selection of the titles I designed and animated using the practical elements included in each video pack. 
Above is a selection of composits done for the marketing trailers to show off what the elements on sale can do. The footage is stock found on Shutterstock. After Effects and Nuke were both used to create these. 
Above are 2 examples of full trailers I've done. Everything from titles, to compositing, to editing. 
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